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Planning Your Big Event

Planning a big event can be a very daunting task. Whether you are planning a birthday party, corporate event, school event or anything else. Your goal should be to get what you pay for.

As a professional entertainer, my goal is for my customer to have the best experience they can - even if that means I refer them to someone else. Here are some of the things I have learned that a customer should be aware of as they plan their event:

1. Be specific about show-up time, what is available to the entertainer (chairs, tables, inside, outside etc.). Also, if possible plan to leave parking very close to the entrance. Most entertainers have a lot of equipment to carry, and set up. This makes it easier for a quick setup and easy departure.

2. Plan for your entertainment to come at least 30 minutes to an hour after the guests have arrived. A lot of guests arrive late, this will allow you to get the most out of your entertainment. 3. Be as specific as possible about the numbers you are expecting. This will allow your entertainer to be honest about what they can and cannot deliver. 4. If you are hiring someone to be "in clown" makeup, don't be afraid to ask for a website or pictures. There are some entertainers who have invested alot of time, money and education in the Art of Clowning so that they can hold the art to a high standard. You as the customer want to make sure you get things like good makeup and costuming. 5. Let your entertainer know the age range they will be entertaining. Some entertainers/clowns cater to very specific ages and therefore their performance may be great for some and may lose others. 6. Remember: Whether you are hiring a clown, magician, facepainter, puppeteer etc. these entertainers have spent a lot of time, and money on education, marketing, costuming, supplies etc.  Most of us do not negotiate or lower our prices to get the job. We generally try to set  a price that is fair, and consistent with others who are doing a similar quality of work.  7. If you are asking for more than one entertainer to be at your event, it is important to know that the price does not go down just because you hired two people. Most entertainers work independently and therefore each needs to make as close to their normal rate as possible. 8. If you want photos with your entertainer, plan that in to the time you are scheduling. Often times your entertainer has multiple events on the same day. They may not be able to stop for photos during or after they complete their work because they may be racing off to the next event. 9. Try to plan in advance, especially if you want someone who will be performing some type of routine. Most performers like to run through their show before hand and get things set up so that they can have a smooth show. 10. If any payment is due at the end of the entertainer's time there, be prepared to pay as they arrive or immediately after they are finished. It can be somewhat awkward for your entertainer to find you and ask for the payment. It can also make them late to their next event if they have to wait for you to get the payment together. If you are a person looking for an entertainer, I hope this helps you in your planning and preparation. If you are an entertainer, I hope this helps you as you work with your customer to provide them all the information they need for a memorable time!

Til next time, 


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