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Face Painting in a Post-COVID world

As we move back into the world of gigs: clowning, face painting, glitter tattoos, have you given any thought to the safety parameters you set up for safety for yourself and for those you're entertaining? If not, here are some things to consider:

1. Masking, non-masking, face shield

2. Cleaning brushes/sponges between faces

3. Cleaning paints between faces

4. Double dipping your brush

5. Glitter/lip color

The key ideas to consider when practicing face painting hygiene in a post-covid world is ensuring that you are showing that you're doing everything in your capability to keep some form of distance. Masking can go a long way in making parents still concerned about COVID feel a bit more secure. And, if you feel you need it, then wearing a face shield is always a great option. The other thing to keep in mind is how you clean tools as you move from person to person. Some face painters will use a brush on a person, and when finished, toss it into a dirty bag. Others will sanitize, let it dry and use again later in the same gig. Either way is fine, the key is in ensuring you use a clean brush on each face. Sponges are easy, ideally, you should load the sponge (same with the brush), and when the paint from that load is gone, you should reach for a new sponge (brush), so that you don't double dip into your paint. If you double dip, you can always use a sanitizer on the paint after each use so that it's clean for the next person. When using glitters, glue, chunky glitter etc. it's ideal to use disposable applicators so that you keep everything clean from person to person as well. This may seem like a lot of work, however, taking those minutes to ensure that you keep everything as clean as possible can be the difference in how someone perceives your professionalism as a face painter/entertainer. I recently did a birthday party which was predominantly face painting. One of the mothers went up to the hostess and asked if she had concerns about how sanitary it was to have brought in face painting. The mother assured her that we had already had a very long discussion about what I did, and how I ensured as much safety as possible. She was able to share with her that I don't use the same brush between faces, I sanitize all brushes after use, I sanitize each color after use (even if I don't double dip). They could see my bag of disposed of sponges and could see my sanitizing spray. They could also see me disposing of applicators I used for glitter/gels etc. By the time that party was over, the concerned mother came and asked for my business card so that I could do her daughter's party. That extra care and concern I put into making sure that people feel safe made a difference to that mom! So, I ask what you can do in this post COVID world, where we are STILL dealing with COVID while trying to get out to entertain? You can buy great hygiene items such as Brush Bath, Face shields, and sanitizing spray at and at

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